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DataStreamInfo Class Reference

Describes a generic data stream. More...

Inheritance diagram for DataStreamInfo:

Public Member Functions

 DataStreamInfo ()
 Constructs a default DataStreamInfo object.
- Public Member Functions inherited from StreamInfo
virtual object Clone ()
 Creates a deep copy of this object.
virtual void Reset ()
 Resets the stream information to its default state.

Additional Inherited Members

- Properties inherited from StreamInfo
int Bitrate [get, set]
 The stream bitrate expressed in bits per second.
BitrateMode BitrateMode [get, set]
 The stream bitrate mode.
double Duration [get, set]
 The stream duration in seconds.
int ID [get, set]
 The ID of the elementary stream.
virtual bool Immutable [get, protected set]
 Returns whether the object is immutable.
MediaType MediaType [get]
 Media type.
int ProgramNumber [get, set]
 The number of the program to which the elementary stream belongs.
StreamSubType StreamSubType [get, set]
 The stream subtype.
StreamType StreamType [get, set]
 The stream type.

Detailed Description

Describes a generic data stream.

The media type is always MediaType.Data and cannot be changed

See also
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