AVBlocks for .NET  2.3
Audio and Video Software Development Kit
Library Class Reference

Initializes AVBlocks and manages license information. More...


class  Config
 Global hardware configuration More...

Static Public Member Functions

static bool Initialize ()
 Initializes the AVBlocks library. More...
static bool IsLicensed (string product, string feature)
 Checks whether a product feature is licensed. More...
static LicenseStatusFlags SetLicense (string license)
 Sets a license string. More...
static void Shutdown ()
 Closes the AVBlocks library and frees the resources that are used (if any). More...


static string Description [get]
 Returns library build description. More...
static LicenseStatusFlags LicenseStatus [get]
 Returns the current license status. More...
static int MajorVersion [get]
 Returns library major version. More...
static int MinorVersion [get]
 Returns library minor version. More...
static int PatchVersion [get]
 Returns library patch version. More...

Detailed Description

Initializes AVBlocks and manages license information.

Member Function Documentation

static bool Initialize ( )

Initializes the AVBlocks library.

Must be called once before the library is used, usually when the application starts.

true if the library is successfully initialized, otherwise false.
static bool IsLicensed ( string  product,
string  feature 

Checks whether a product feature is licensed.

productThe product id. If null the AVBlocks product is implied.
featureThe feature id. If null> the default AVBlocks product feature is implied.
If true the specified product feature is licensed.

If a product is fully licensed then the function will always return true for that product regardless of the feature parameter.

If a product is licensed for a limited set of features then the function will return true for that product only if the feature parameter specifies one of the licensed features or is null.

References Library.Description.

static LicenseStatusFlags SetLicense ( string  license)

Sets a license string.

The supplied license is appended to the library license state.

licenseA string with license information. If the license string is null the library license state is cleared.
The status after the license is set. The returned value is a combination of flags from the LicenseStatusFlags enum.

A Demo build of the library cannot be licensed and always returns LicenseStatusFlags.DemoBuild.

See also

References Library.LicenseStatus.

static void Shutdown ( )

Closes the AVBlocks library and frees the resources that are used (if any).

Should be called when the library will not be used anymore, e.g. when the application ends.

Property Documentation

string Description

Returns library build description.

Contains details about the build including full version, architecture (x86/x64), configuration (Release/Debug), license (OEM/Demo) and platform (OS).

Referenced by Library.IsLicensed().

LicenseStatusFlags LicenseStatus

Returns the current license status.

In the Demo build the license status is always LicenseStatusFlags.DemoBuild.

See also

Referenced by Library.SetLicense().

int MajorVersion

Returns library major version.

int MinorVersion

Returns library minor version.

int PatchVersion

Returns library patch version.

The patch version is used for bugfixes and small improvements that do not involve API changes.