AVBlocks for .NET  3.0
Audio and Video Software Development Kit
Meta Class Reference

Metadata attribute names (tags) More...

Static Public Attributes

static string Album = "Album"
static string AlbumArtist = "AlbumArtist"
 Album artist.
static string BeatsPerMinute = "BeatsPerMinute"
 Beats per minute.
static string Comment = "Comment"
static string Composer = "Composer"
static string Conductor = "Conductor"
static string ContentGroup = "ContentGroup"
 Content group.
static string Copyright = "Copyright"
static string Date = "Date"
 Date (YYYY-MM-DD)
static string DiscNum = "DiscNum"
 Disc number is 1-based.
static string EncodedBy = "EncodedBy"
 Encoding software.
static string EncoderSettings = "EncoderSettings"
 Encoding software settings.
static string FileType = "FileType"
 File type.
static string Genre = "Genre"
static string InternetRadioStation = "InternetRadioStation"
 Internet radio station name.
static string InvolvedPeople = "InvolvedPeople"
 Involved people.
static string Language = "Language"
static string LeadArtist = "LeadArtist"
 Lead artist.
static string Lyricist = "Lyricist"
 Lyricist / text writer.
static string MediaType = "MediaType"
 Media type.
static string OrigAlbum = "OrigAlbum"
 Original album.
static string OrigArtist = "OrigArtist"
 Original artist.
static string OrigFileName = "OrigFileName"
 Original file name.
static string OrigLyricist = "OrigLyricist"
 Original lyricist / text writer.
static string PlayCounter = "PlayCounter"
 Play counter.
static string Popularimeter = "Popularimeter"
 Popularity meter / rating.
static string Private = "Private"
 Private comment.
static string Publisher = "Publisher"
static string RecordingDates = "RecordingDates"
 Recording dates.
static string RemixArtist = "RemixArtist"
 Remix / cover artist.
static string Subtitle = "Subtitle"
static string Time = "Time"
static string Title = "Title"
static string TrackNum = "TrackNum"
 Track number is 1-based.
static string UnsyncedLyrics = "UnsyncedLyrics"
 Unsynced lyrics.
static string UrlArtist = "UrlArtist"
 URL pointing at the artist's official web page.
static string UrlAudioFile = "UrlAudioFile"
 URL pointing at a file specific web page.
static string UrlAudioSource = "UrlAudioSource"
 URL pointing at the official web page for the source of the audio file, e.g.
static string UrlCommercialInfo = "UrlCommercialInfo"
 URL pointing at a web page with information such as where the album can be bought.
static string UrlCopyright = "UrlCopyright"
 URL pointing at a web page where the terms of use and ownership of the file is described.
static string UrlPayment = "UrlPayment"
 URL pointing at a web page that will handle the process of paying for this file.
static string UrlPublisher = "UrlPublisher"
 URL pointing at the official web page for the publisher.
static string UrlRadioPage = "UrlRadioPage"
 URL pointing at the homepage of the Internet radio station.
static string UrlUser = "UrlUser"
 User URL.
static string UserText = "UserText"
 User text.
static string Year = "Year"
 Year only (YYYY)

Detailed Description

Metadata attribute names (tags)

Member Data Documentation

◆ UrlArtist

string UrlArtist = "UrlArtist"

URL pointing at the artist's official web page.

There may be more than one attributes with this name if the audio contains more than one performer.

◆ UrlAudioSource

string UrlAudioSource = "UrlAudioSource"

URL pointing at the official web page for the source of the audio file, e.g.

a movie.