AVBlocks for C++  2.1
Audio and Video Software Development Kit
Class Hierarchy
This inheritance list is sorted roughly, but not completely, alphabetically:
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oCConfigGlobal configuration
oCHwCodecDescribes a hardware encoder, decoder or filter
oCHwCodecListAn immutable list of hardware codecs
oCHwConfigGlobal hardware configuration
oCHwDeviceDescribes a device that can be used for hardware accelerated encoding, decoding or processing
oCHwDeviceListAn immutable list of devices
oCMediaPinListMediaPinList represents the elementary pins within a MediaSocket object
oCMediaSocketListMediaSocketList represents the inputs or outputs of a Transcoder
\CReferenceBase class for all objects that require reference management
 oCBlockA Block is a unit that can produce, consume or transform media samples from/to multiple inputs/outputs
 |oCMediaInfoAnalyzes a file or a stream and provides information about its type and properties
 |\CTranscoderProvides functionality for audio and video encoding, decoding and transforming
 oCMediaPinMediaPin represents an elementary media stream
 oCMediaSocketAn input or output point of the Transcoder
 oCParameterParameter is the base class for named parameters passed to various classes in AVBlocks
 |oCFloatParameterThe parameter represents a 64-bit floating point number (double precision)
 |oCIntParameterThe parameter represents a 64-bit integer
 |oCMediaBufferParameterThe parameter represents a MediaBuffer object
 |oCStringParameterThe parameter represents an untyped value which is stored in a char_t string
 |\CVideoStreamInfoParameterThe parameter represents a VideoStreamInfo object
 oCParameterListA collection of Parameter objects
 oCTranscoderCallbackThe TranscoderCallback provides a way to receive notifications from the Transcoder and also to control its operation while it is running (Transcoder::run)
 oCHardwareEnumerates available hardware codecs
 oCMediaBufferA buffer for media data
 oCMediaSampleMediaSample represents one or more samples of audio or video data
 oCMetaAttributeMetaAttribute describes a textual meta information that is part of an audio or video file
 oCMetaAttributeListMetaAttributeList represents the meta attributes inside a Metadata object
 oCMetadataMetadata describes meta information that is part of an audio or video file
 oCMetaPictureMetaPicture describes a meta image that is part of an audio or video file
 oCMetaPictureListMetaPictureList represents the meta pictures inside a Metadata object
 oCStreamInfoProvides properties and operations that are common for all elementary streams
 |oCAudioStreamInfoAudioStreamInfo describes an elementary audio stream
 |\CVideoStreamInfoVideoStreamInfo describes an elementary video stream
 oCStreamInfoEnumStreamInfoEnum is a read-only collection of StreamInfo objects
 oCErrorInfoDescribes an error interface used for uniform error handling across all Primo Software libraries
 oCLicenseInfoProvides information about the current license state of the library
 \CStreamThe Stream interface can be used to implement a data source or sink