AVBlocks for C++  2.1
Audio and Video Software Development Kit
Namespace List
Here is a list of all documented namespaces with brief descriptions:
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\NprimoTop namespace for all libraries developed by Primo Software Corp
 oNavblocksAVBlocks Application Programming Interface
 |oNAVBlocksErrorDefines API usage errors
 |oNHardwareEncoderDefines which hardware encoder should be used for hardware accelerated encoding
 |oNLibraryInitializes AVBlocks and manages license information
 |oNParamDefines parameters that can be passed to the transcoder and to the components that are used in the transcoding process
 ||oNDecoderParameters specific to decoders
 |||\NVideoParameters specific to video decoders
 ||oNDemuxerParameters specific to demuxers
 |||\NMpegParameters specific to the Mpeg demuxer
 ||oNEncoderParameters specific to encoders
 |||oNAudioParameters specific to audio encoders
 |||\NVideoParameters specific to video encoders
 ||oNMuxerParameters specific to muxers
 |||\NMP4Parameters specific to MP4 muxers
 ||\NVideoParameters specific to video filters
 || oNCropParameters specific to video cropping
 || oNDeinterlacingParameters specific to video deinterlacing
 || oNFrameRateConverterParameters specific to the video frame rate converter filter
 || oNOverlayParameters specific to the video overlay filter
 || oNPadParameters specific to video padding
 || \NResizeParameters specific to video resizing
 |oNParamTypeThe ParamType represents the type of the data stored in a Parameter
 |oNPinConnectionThese constants are used as special values of MediaPin.ID
 |oNPresetDefines output presets supported by AVBlocks
 ||oNAudioDescribes output audio presets structured by codec and device type
 |||oNAudioCDPresets for audio compatible with AudioCD (LPCM, 44100 Hz, stereo, 16-bit)
 |||oNDVDPresets for audio compatible with DVD-Video
 |||\NGenericGeneric audio presets (unrelated to specific devices)
 ||\NVideoDescribes output video presets structured by codec and device type
 || oNAndroidPhonePresets for Android phones
 || oNAndroidTabletPresets for Android tablets
 || oNAppleLiveStreamingApple HTTP Live Streaming Presets
 || oNAppleTVPresets for AppleTV devices
 || oNBDAVPresets for Blu-ray Disc Audio-Visual MPEG-2 Transport Stream
 || oNDVDPresets for DVD-Video
 || oNFastPresets for fastest possible encoding
 || oNGenericGeneric video presets
 || oNHDVPresets for High-definition video MPEG-2 Transport Stream
 || oNiPadPresets for iPad devices
 || oNiPhonePresets for iPhone devices
 || oNiPodPreset for iPod devices
 || oNKindleKindle presets
 || oNVCDPresets for Video CD
 || \NWebWeb Video Presets
 |oNTranscoderErrorDefines Transcoder specific errors
 |oNTranscoderStatusDefines the status of a transcoder operation
 |\NUseSpecifies whether particular feature should be used
 oNcodecsCommon audio/video types and interfaces
 |oNAlphaCompositingModeDefines the way a foreground image will be combined with background video
 |oNAudioChannelFlagsDefines the speaker location of one or more audio channels
 |oNBitrateModeDefines the bitrate mode of the audio/video stream
 |oNCodecErrorCommon errors for encoders, decoders, muxers, demuxers and other A/V components
 |oNColorFormatDefines constants for various color formats
 |oNDeinterlacingMethodDefines video deinterlacing methods
 |oNH264DeblockingFilterDefines H.264/AVC deblocking filter mode
 |oNH264DirectPredModeDefines H.264/AVC direct predition mode
 |oNH264EntropyCodingModeDefines H.264/AVC entropy coding modes
 |oNH264MeMethodDefines the motion estimation methods used when encoding H.264/AVC
 |oNH264MeSplitModeDefines the block sizes for which motion estimation should be done
 |oNH264PicCodingTypeDefines the picture coding type when encoding H.264/AVC
 |oNH264ProfileDefines H.264/AVC profiles
 |oNH264RateControlMethodDefines methods for bitrate contorl when encoding H.264/AVC
 |oNH265LevelDefines H.265/HEVC levels
 |oNH265ProfileDefines H.265/HEVC profiles
 |oNH265TierDefines H.265/HEVC tiers
 |oNHwApiAPI for using hardware engines
 |oNHwCodecTypeHardware encoder, decoder or filter for a specific stream type
 |oNHwEngineHardware engine for encoding/decoding/processing
 |oNHwVendorHardware Vendor
 |oNInterpolationMethodDefines methods for sample interpolation
 |oNMediaSampleFlagsDefines various media sample features
 |oNMediaTypeDefines media types
 |oNMetaDataStreamInfo describes a generic data stream
 |oNMetaPictureTypeRepresents the meta picture (image) type
 |oNMimeTypeDefines MIME types used by primo codecs components
 |oNPcmFlagsDefines constants for various LPCM properties
 |oNPictureTypeDefines video picture types (I/P/B)
 |oNScanTypeDefines video interlace/scan types
 |oNStreamSubTypeDefines audio and video stream subtypes
 |\NStreamTypeDefines major audio and video stream types, and file formats (a.k.a
 oNerrorShared namespace for error definitions
 |\NErrorFacilityEach facility represents the component that reports the error
 \NlicenseDefines common license constants and interfaces used in Primo Software libraries
  \NLicenseStatusFlagsDefines the library license status