AVBlocks for C++  2.1
Audio and Video Software Development Kit
primo::avblocks Namespace Reference

AVBlocks Application Programming Interface. More...


 Defines API usage errors.
 Defines which hardware encoder should be used for hardware accelerated encoding.
 Initializes AVBlocks and manages license information.
 Defines parameters that can be passed to the transcoder and to the components that are used in the transcoding process.
 The ParamType represents the type of the data stored in a Parameter.
 These constants are used as special values of MediaPin.ID.
 Defines output presets supported by AVBlocks.
 Defines Transcoder specific errors.
 Defines the status of a transcoder operation.
 Specifies whether particular feature should be used.


class  Block
 A Block is a unit that can produce, consume or transform media samples from/to multiple inputs/outputs. More...
class  Config
 Global configuration. More...
class  FloatParameter
 The parameter represents a 64-bit floating point number (double precision). More...
class  HwConfig
 Global hardware configuration. More...
class  IntParameter
 The parameter represents a 64-bit integer. More...
class  MediaBufferParameter
 The parameter represents a MediaBuffer object. More...
class  MediaInfo
 Analyzes a file or a stream and provides information about its type and properties. More...
class  MediaPin
 MediaPin represents an elementary media stream. More...
class  MediaPinList
 MediaPinList represents the elementary pins within a MediaSocket object. More...
class  MediaSocket
 An input or output point of the Transcoder. More...
class  MediaSocketList
 MediaSocketList represents the inputs or outputs of a Transcoder. More...
class  Parameter
 Parameter is the base class for named parameters passed to various classes in AVBlocks. More...
class  ParameterList
 A collection of Parameter objects. More...
class  StringParameter
 The parameter represents an untyped value which is stored in a char_t string. More...
class  Transcoder
 Provides functionality for audio and video encoding, decoding and transforming. More...
class  TranscoderCallback
 The TranscoderCallback provides a way to receive notifications from the Transcoder and also to control its operation while it is running (Transcoder::run). More...
class  VideoStreamInfoParameter
 The parameter represents a VideoStreamInfo object. More...

Detailed Description

AVBlocks Application Programming Interface.