AVBlocks for C++  2.1
Audio and Video Software Development Kit
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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\NprimoTop namespace for all libraries developed by Primo Software Corp
 oNavblocksAVBlocks Application Programming Interface
 |oNAVBlocksErrorDefines API usage errors
 |oNHardwareEncoderDefines which hardware encoder should be used for hardware accelerated encoding
 |oNLibraryInitializes AVBlocks and manages license information
 |oNParamDefines parameters that can be passed to the transcoder and to the components that are used in the transcoding process
 ||oNDecoderParameters specific to decoders
 ||oNDemuxerParameters specific to demuxers
 ||oNEncoderParameters specific to encoders
 ||oNMuxerParameters specific to muxers
 ||\NVideoParameters specific to video filters
 |oNParamTypeThe ParamType represents the type of the data stored in a Parameter
 |oNPinConnectionThese constants are used as special values of MediaPin.ID
 |oNPresetDefines output presets supported by AVBlocks
 ||oNAudioDescribes output audio presets structured by codec and device type
 ||\NVideoDescribes output video presets structured by codec and device type
 |oNTranscoderErrorDefines Transcoder specific errors
 |oNTranscoderStatusDefines the status of a transcoder operation
 |oNUseSpecifies whether particular feature should be used
 |oCBlockA Block is a unit that can produce, consume or transform media samples from/to multiple inputs/outputs
 |oCConfigGlobal configuration
 |oCFloatParameterThe parameter represents a 64-bit floating point number (double precision)
 |oCHwConfigGlobal hardware configuration
 |oCIntParameterThe parameter represents a 64-bit integer
 |oCMediaBufferParameterThe parameter represents a MediaBuffer object
 |oCMediaInfoAnalyzes a file or a stream and provides information about its type and properties
 |oCMediaPinMediaPin represents an elementary media stream
 |oCMediaPinListMediaPinList represents the elementary pins within a MediaSocket object
 |oCMediaSocketAn input or output point of the Transcoder
 |oCMediaSocketListMediaSocketList represents the inputs or outputs of a Transcoder
 |oCParameterParameter is the base class for named parameters passed to various classes in AVBlocks
 |oCParameterListA collection of Parameter objects
 |oCStringParameterThe parameter represents an untyped value which is stored in a char_t string
 |oCTranscoderProvides functionality for audio and video encoding, decoding and transforming
 |oCTranscoderCallbackThe TranscoderCallback provides a way to receive notifications from the Transcoder and also to control its operation while it is running (Transcoder::run)
 |\CVideoStreamInfoParameterThe parameter represents a VideoStreamInfo object
 oNcodecsCommon audio/video types and interfaces
 |oNAlphaCompositingModeDefines the way a foreground image will be combined with background video
 |oNAudioChannelFlagsDefines the speaker location of one or more audio channels
 |oNBitrateModeDefines the bitrate mode of the audio/video stream
 |oNCodecErrorCommon errors for encoders, decoders, muxers, demuxers and other A/V components
 |oNColorFormatDefines constants for various color formats
 |oNDeinterlacingMethodDefines video deinterlacing methods
 |oNH264DeblockingFilterDefines H.264/AVC deblocking filter mode
 |oNH264DirectPredModeDefines H.264/AVC direct predition mode
 |oNH264EntropyCodingModeDefines H.264/AVC entropy coding modes
 |oNH264MeMethodDefines the motion estimation methods used when encoding H.264/AVC
 |oNH264MeSplitModeDefines the block sizes for which motion estimation should be done
 |oNH264PicCodingTypeDefines the picture coding type when encoding H.264/AVC
 |oNH264ProfileDefines H.264/AVC profiles
 |oNH264RateControlMethodDefines methods for bitrate contorl when encoding H.264/AVC
 |oNH265LevelDefines H.265/HEVC levels
 |oNH265ProfileDefines H.265/HEVC profiles
 |oNH265TierDefines H.265/HEVC tiers
 |oNHwApiAPI for using hardware engines
 |oNHwCodecTypeHardware encoder, decoder or filter for a specific stream type
 |oNHwEngineHardware engine for encoding/decoding/processing
 |oNHwVendorHardware Vendor
 |oNInterpolationMethodDefines methods for sample interpolation
 |oNMediaSampleFlagsDefines various media sample features
 |oNMediaTypeDefines media types
 |oNMetaDataStreamInfo describes a generic data stream
 |oNMetaPictureTypeRepresents the meta picture (image) type
 |oNMimeTypeDefines MIME types used by primo codecs components
 |oNPcmFlagsDefines constants for various LPCM properties
 |oNPictureTypeDefines video picture types (I/P/B)
 |oNScanTypeDefines video interlace/scan types
 |oNStreamSubTypeDefines audio and video stream subtypes
 |oNStreamTypeDefines major audio and video stream types, and file formats (a.k.a
 |oCAudioStreamInfoAudioStreamInfo describes an elementary audio stream
 |oCHardwareEnumerates available hardware codecs
 |oCHwCodecDescribes a hardware encoder, decoder or filter
 |oCHwCodecListAn immutable list of hardware codecs
 |oCHwDeviceDescribes a device that can be used for hardware accelerated encoding, decoding or processing
 |oCHwDeviceListAn immutable list of devices
 |oCMediaBufferA buffer for media data
 |oCMediaSampleMediaSample represents one or more samples of audio or video data
 |oCMetaAttributeMetaAttribute describes a textual meta information that is part of an audio or video file
 |oCMetaAttributeListMetaAttributeList represents the meta attributes inside a Metadata object
 |oCMetadataMetadata describes meta information that is part of an audio or video file
 |oCMetaPictureMetaPicture describes a meta image that is part of an audio or video file
 |oCMetaPictureListMetaPictureList represents the meta pictures inside a Metadata object
 |oCStreamInfoProvides properties and operations that are common for all elementary streams
 |oCStreamInfoEnumStreamInfoEnum is a read-only collection of StreamInfo objects
 |\CVideoStreamInfoVideoStreamInfo describes an elementary video stream
 oNerrorShared namespace for error definitions
 |oNErrorFacilityEach facility represents the component that reports the error
 |\CErrorInfoDescribes an error interface used for uniform error handling across all Primo Software libraries
 oNlicenseDefines common license constants and interfaces used in Primo Software libraries
 |oNLicenseStatusFlagsDefines the library license status
 |\CLicenseInfoProvides information about the current license state of the library
 oCReferenceBase class for all objects that require reference management
 \CStreamThe Stream interface can be used to implement a data source or sink