AVBlocks for .NET  3.0
Audio and Video Software Development Kit
Class Hierarchy
This inheritance list is sorted roughly, but not completely, alphabetically:
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 CParam.Encoder.Audio.AACParameters specific to AAC audio encoders
 CPreset.Video.AndroidPhonePresets for Android phones
 CPreset.Video.AndroidTabletPresets for Android tablets
 CPreset.Video.AppleLiveStreamingPresets for Apple Live Streaming
 CPreset.Video.AppleTVPresets for AppleTV devices
 CParam.Encoder.AudioParameters specific to audio encoders
 CPreset.AudioDescribes output audio presets structured by codec and device type
 CPreset.Audio.AudioCDPresets for audio compatible with AudioCD (LPCM, 44100 Hz, stereo, 16-bit)
 CPreset.Video.BDAVPresets for Blu-ray Disc Audio-Visual MPEG-2 Transport Stream
 CObjectCollection< T >An ordered collection of items used in AVBlocks
 CLibrary.ConfigGlobal hardware configuration
 CParam.Video.CropParameters specific to video croping
 CParam.DecoderParameters specific to decoders
 CParam.Video.DeinterlacingParameters specific to the video deinterlacing filter
 CParam.DemuxerParameters specific to demuxers
 CPreset.Audio.DVDPresets for audio compatible with DVD-Video
 CPreset.Video.DVDPresets for DVD-Video
 CParam.EncoderParameters specific to encoders
 CTranscoderContinueEventArgsContains the parameters of the Transcoder.OnContinue event
 CTranscoderInputChangeEventArgsContains the parameters of the Transcoder.OnInputChange event
 CTranscoderProgressEventArgsContains the parameters of the Transcoder.OnProgress event
 CTranscoderStatusEventArgsContains the parameters of the Transcoder.OnStatus event
 CPreset.Video.FastPresets for fastest possible encoding
 CParam.Video.FrameRateConverterParameters specific to video frame rate filter
 CPreset.Audio.GenericGeneric audio presets (unrelated to specific devices)
 CPreset.Video.GenericGeneric video presets
 CParam.Decoder.Video.H264Parameters specific to H.264 decoders
 CParam.Encoder.Video.H264Parameters specific to H.264 encoders
 CParam.Encoder.Video.H265Parameters specific to H.265/HEVC video encoders
 CHardwareEnumerates available hardware codecs
 CLibrary.Config.HardwareHardware codec configuration
 CPreset.Video.HDVPresets for High-definition video MPEG-2 Transport Stream
 CHwCodecDescribes a hardware encoder, decoder or filter
 CHwDeviceDescribes a device that can be used for hardware accelerated encoding, decoding or processing
 CErrorInfoDescribes an AVBlocks error
 CMediaBufferA buffer for media data
 CMediaPinMediaPin represents an elementary media stream
 CMediaSampleRepresents one or more samples of media data
 CMediaSocketAn input or output point of the Transcoder
 CMetaAttributeMetaAttribute describes a textual meta information that is part of an audio or video file
 CMetaPictureMetaPicture describes a meta image that is part of an audio or video file
 CMetadataMetadata describes meta information that is part of an audio or video file
 CStreamInfoProvides properties and operations that are common for all elementary streams
 CUnmanagedMediaBufferUnmanaged buffer for media data
 CBlockProvides functionality for audio and video encoding, decoding and transforming
 CUnmanagedMediaBufferUnmanaged buffer for media data
 CPreset.Video.iPadPresets for iPad devices
 CPreset.Video.iPhonePresets for iPhone devices
 CPreset.Video.iPodPresets for iPod devices
 CPreset.Video.KindlePresets for Kindle
 CLibraryInitializes AVBlocks and manages license information
 CPreset.Audio.Generic.WMA.LosslessPresets for the WMA Lossless codec
 CPreset.Audio.Generic.M4AM4A presets (AAC audio in MP4 container)
 CMetaMetadata attribute names (tags)
 CMimeTypeMultipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (MIME) used in AVBlocks
 CPreset.Audio.Generic.MP3MP3 presets (MPEG-1 Layer 3)
 CParam.Muxer.MP4Parameters specific to MP4 muxers
 CPreset.Video.Fast.MP4Fast MP4 presets (audio and video streams in MP4 container)
 CPreset.Video.Generic.MP4Generic MP4 presets (audio and video streams in MP4 container)
 CPreset.Video.Web.MP4MP4 presets
 CParam.Demuxer.MpegParameters specific to the Mpeg demuxer
 CParam.Encoder.Audio.MPEG1Parameters specific to MPEG1 audio encoders
 CParam.Encoder.Video.MPEG2Parameters specific to MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 video encoders
 CParam.MuxerParameters specific to muxers
 CObjectCollection< MediaPin >
 CMediaPinListA collection of media pins
 CObjectCollection< MediaSocket >
 CMediaSocketListA collection of media sockets
 CObjectCollection< MetaAttribute >
 CMetaAttributeListA collection of meta attributes
 CObjectCollection< MetaPicture >
 CMetaPictureListA collection of meta pictures
 CPreset.Audio.Generic.OggVorbisPresets for Vorbis audio in Ogg container
 CParam.Video.OverlayParameters specific the video overlay filter
 CParam.Video.PadParameters specific to video padding
 CParamDefines parameters that can be passed to the transcoder and to the components that are used in the transcoding process
 CPinConnectionDefines pin connection disposition
 CPresetDefines output presets supported by AVBlocks
 CPreset.Audio.Generic.WMA.ProfessionalPresets for the WMA Pro codec
 CParam.Video.ResizeParameters specific to the video resizing filter
 CPreset.Audio.Generic.WMA.StandardPresets for the WMA standard codec
 CPreset.Video.VCDPresets for Video CD
 CParam.Decoder.VideoParameters specific to video decoders
 CParam.Encoder.VideoParameters specific to video encoders
 CParam.VideoParameters specific to video filters
 CPreset.VideoDescribes output video presets structured by codec and device type
 CParam.Encoder.Audio.VorbisParameters specific to Vorbis audio encoders
 CParam.Encoder.Video.VP8Parameters specific to VP8 video encoders
 CParam.Decoder.Video.H264.VUIParameters the are part of the Video Usability Information in the H.264 stream
 CPreset.Video.WebPresets for Facebook, SmugMug, Vimeo, YouTube
 CPreset.Video.Generic.WebMWebM presets
 CParam.Encoder.Audio.WMAParameters specific to WMA audio encoders
 CPreset.Audio.Generic.WMAPresets for Windows Media Audio